SV5 and 12 "Lowrider"

Lowrider Line

The SV5 and SV12 Paddle mixer Refractory Pumps are our smallest harsh mix pump combinations. With smaller material tubes, powerplant, and mixer options, this machine is made to go where its larger counterparts cannot. The “Lowrider” design offers the option to have an operator stand on the plant floor and break smaller bags into the mixer with minimum fatigue. When equipped with the paddle mixer, the pan option brings things closer to the ground for tighter spaces as well. Our SV series pumps are designed with the end user in mind with a view to the installation process as well as maintenance needs. All of our pumps feature in-line mounted engines, giving your service crew full access to all sides of the block, pertinent maintenance items, and hydraulic assemblies. Our Research and Development process is CONSTANTLY updating and improving the pump and process to better serve you. Our most recent upgrade being a newly re-designed mixer, drive, and paddle assembly delivering excellent mix power at remarkably low pressure. Contact us for more details or if you would like to schedule a demo.